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California And 3 Other States To Give Additional Stimulus Checks To Their Residents

Citizens of four states of the USA are in line for additional stimulus checks. Across four states, millions of residents will soon receive additional stimulus money worth up to $1,000. Most of these payments will be directly distributed to the accounts of the respective individuals who are eligible for the payment.

California additional stimulus check

California is one of them, having sent out 12.3 million stimulus checks totalling $8.8 billion. Governor Gavin Newsom proposes to return a large portion of the state’s $45.7 billion budget surplus to residents. These were distributed under two different programs: Golden State Stimulus I and Golden State Stimulus II. These stimulus cheques might be valued up to $1,200 or $1,100, depending on the amount, as reported by Fingerlakes1.

To be eligible for either check, Californians must earn less than $75,000 per year and have paid their 2020 taxes before October 15, 2021. A total of 60,000 to 70,000 people are expected to benefit from the combined programs. The Golden State stimulus checks will be distributed in two installments in mid-March and mid-April.

Florida additional stimulus check

Last year, Florida made provisions in its budget to offer teachers bonus stimulus payments. Teachers from Pre-K to 12th grade received a $1,000 stipend. Now, it appears that the state budget for Florida in 2022 will allow for a repeat of those payments. According to his office, Governor Ron DeSantis made provisions in this year’s state budget for another $1,000 payment to teachers. In 2021, Gov. DeSantis stated the initiative helped around 175,000 teachers and 3,600 principals.

Indiana additional stimulus check

Residents of Indiana are due a $125 stimulus payment, but only after they file their 2021 tax returns. The state will help around 910,000 low-income Americans who pay taxes but don’t file returns. Taxpayers will receive payments via direct deposit or paper check since the state has roughly $4 billion in reserves, around 23% of its general fund.

New York additional stimulus check

The Excluded Workers Fund is available to anyone who has lost a job and denied stimulus funds due to their immigration status. For this program, 90,000 persons applied. Those who qualify must have a 2020 income of less than $26,208.


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