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Eastern Arizona College Students To Get Stimulus Money

The Eastern Arizona College is going to give a huge bulk of $1.6 million for the emergency aid grant for the students. The fund will be distributed in the spring semester.

Students eligible for the fund will get it for Higher education.

The fund is a part of the American Rescue Plan. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, people have lost a lot of resources, and with the loss, the American Rescue Plan can help students with higher education.

The students who have completed the FAFSA will only be eligible for the fund. The U.S. Department of Education has been told to provide these funds according to the student’s priority and need. The students Estimated Family Contribution will be calculated in order to give these funds. The EFC will be calculated on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Hence every student will have to go through this process to get the benefits.

A student will have to complete the FAFSA.

The EAC will be using a special tiered system to award grants only to the students enrolled in the program. The amount of the grant money will basically vary on two factors. The first factor to be considered would be full-time or part-time enrollment status. According to the sources, the full-time enrollment status will get more recognition. On the other hand, the next actor to be considered would be EFC generated by the FAFSA application.

The receipt is strictly advised to use these emergency funds according to the guidelines. It might cover tuition, food, housing, health care, and more. On the other hand, they have also focused on mental health and have been advised to use the money to improve the overall mental health of the family. The additional funds could be used for or paying the semester fees for higher education and more.


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