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Microsoft Addresses the Huge Xbox Leaks: Phil Spencer’s Full Memo Revealed

In a recent turn of events, Xbox chief Phil Spencer has addressed the massive leaks that revealed internal communications about future Xbox hardware and potential acquisition targets. The leaks, which were sourced from litigation between the Federal Trade Commission and Microsoft, spread like wildfire across social media. Spencer’s response came in the form of an internal memo, which was later reported by various media outlets.

The Memo: What Phil Spencer Had to Say

In the memo, Phil Spencer expressed his disappointment over the unintentional disclosure of sensitive documents. He emphasized that the leaked documents were well over a year old and that Xbox’s plans have since evolved. “We will share the real plans with our players when ready,” Spencer assured.

Key Points from the Memo:

  • The leak revealed plans for new Xbox consoles, including a new version of its flagship Xbox Series X console, codenamed “Brooklin,” set to release next year at $499.
  • The documents also showed talks about a potential acquisition of Nintendo.
  • Spencer described the leak as “disappointing” but noted that Xbox’s plans had evolved.

The Fallout: Market and Legal Implications

Interestingly, Microsoft’s stock remained relatively unfazed by the news, closing down just a fraction of a percent. The company is still in the process of closing its $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard, which has faced several legal challenges.

Conclusion: What’s Next for Xbox?

The leak has certainly stirred the gaming community, but it seems like Xbox is already looking ahead. The company is keen on sharing its “real plans” when the time is right, leaving fans and investors eagerly waiting for what’s next.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Phil Spencer confirms that the leaked documents are outdated.
  • Talks about acquiring Nintendo were part of the leak.
  • New Xbox Series X console, codenamed “Brooklin,” is in the pipeline.

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