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Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3: A Comprehensive Review

Microsoft’s latest offering, the Surface Laptop Go 3, has been making waves in the tech community. With its sleek design, impressive build quality, and standout keyboard, it’s clear that Microsoft is targeting a specific audience with this device. But is it worth the price tag? Let’s delve into the details.

Key Highlights:

  • Elite typing experience with one of the best keyboards in the market.
  • Super portable with excellent build quality.
  • Sleek and stylish design that doesn’t attract fingerprints.
  • Available in multiple colors, including sage, sandstone, platinum, and ice blue.
  • Priced starting at $799, offering value for its features.
  • Some concerns about battery life and the absence of a backlit keyboard.

The Surface Laptop Go 3 is not designed for everyone. It’s not a powerhouse in terms of performance, nor does it boast an extended battery life. However, where it shines is in its portability and typing experience. The keyboard on this 12.5-inch notebook is arguably its standout feature, offering tactile feedback that makes typing a breeze.

Design and Build Quality Microsoft has gone to great lengths to ensure that the Surface Laptop Go 3 feels premium. Despite its starting price of $800, the device feels like it should cost more. The build quality is robust, with the deck showing little give when pressure is applied. The design is also fingerprint-resistant, which is a significant plus for those who hate smudges on their devices.

Performance and Specs:

The review unit came equipped with a 12th gen Intel Core i5-1235U CPU, Intel Iris Xe graphics, 16GB of RAM, and 256GB of SSD storage. While these specs are decent, it’s worth noting that the Surface Laptop Go 3 is using an older generation Intel Core i5 processor. This might be a point of contention for those looking for the latest and greatest in CPU technology.

The Keyboard Experience The keyboard is where the Surface Laptop Go 3 truly shines. It offers a snappy and responsive typing experience, with keys that provide excellent tactile feedback. The power button also doubles as a fingerprint reader, offering a seamless sign-in experience with Windows Hello.


The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 is a device that knows its audience. It’s perfect for students and professionals on the go who prioritize portability and typing experience over raw performance. While it does have its shortcomings, such as an older generation processor and concerns about battery life, it offers excellent value for its price. If you’re in the market for a portable laptop with a fantastic keyboard, the Surface Laptop Go 3 should be on your shortlist.