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Skiddo in Pokémon Go: A Comprehensive Guide to Evolution and Shiny Availability

The Gen 6 species, Skiddo, has made its grand entrance into Pokémon Go, and the excitement among fans is palpable. This guide provides all the essential details about catching Skiddo, its evolution process, and the possibility of encountering its shiny version.

Key Highlights:

  • Skiddo is a part of the Pokémon Go City Safari 2023 event.
  • The Pokémon can be found during City Safari events in Seoul, Barcelona, and Mexico City.
  • Shiny Skiddo is available during these events.
  • Skiddo evolves into Gogoat with 50 candies.
  • Both Skiddo and Gogoat are pure Grass-type Pokémon.

How to Get Skiddo in Pokémon Go Skiddo has been introduced as one of the highlights of the Pokémon Go City Safari 2023 event. Trainers can catch Skiddo during the City Safari events scheduled in various cities:

  • Seoul: October 7-8, 2023
  • Barcelona: October 13-14, 2023
  • Mexico City: November 3-4, 2023

Niantic, the developers of Pokémon Go, have hinted that Skiddo might become available worldwide after these events.

The Impact of Skiddo’s Arrival:

The introduction of Skiddo into Pokémon Go signifies Niantic’s commitment to keeping the game fresh and engaging for its vast player base. By strategically releasing popular Pokémon from different generations, Niantic ensures that both veteran trainers and newcomers have something to look forward to. Skiddo’s presence, especially its shiny variant, adds another layer of excitement to the game, encouraging trainers to participate in events and collaborate in their quest to catch ’em all. As the Pokémon Go community continues to grow, the anticipation for more such releases remains high, proving the game’s enduring appeal.

Shiny Skiddo: Is It Available?

Yes, trainers have the chance to encounter a shiny Skiddo during the three Pokémon Go City Safari events. While there’s no official confirmation, it’s speculated that shiny Skiddo might be available to all trainers after its global release.

Skiddo’s Evolution in Pokémon Go Skiddo evolves into Gogoat when fed 50 candies. For those fortunate enough to catch a shiny Skiddo, they can evolve it to get a shiny Gogoat.


Skiddo, the Gen 6 species, has finally made its way to Pokémon Go. Available during the City Safari events in 2023, trainers can catch this Grass-type Pokémon and even have a chance to encounter its shiny version. Skiddo evolves into Gogoat with 50 candies, and those lucky to have a shiny Skiddo can evolve it into a shiny Gogoat. As the Pokémon Go universe expands, Skiddo is a delightful addition for trainers worldwide.