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Exploring Virtual Reality: A New Dimension to Expense Management

In a recent exploration of virtual reality (VR) applications, some individuals have delved into managing their finances within VR environments. Among them, a user shared their experience of handling their expenses through a VR application called Immersed, on the Meta Quest 3 platform. The narrative comes as a fresh perspective on how mundane tasks can be approached differently with the help of VR technologies.

Key Highlights:

  • Experiment conducted on Meta Quest 3 using the Immersed application.
  • The VR environment provided a unique, shared space resembling a virtual café.
  • Users could interact in a more international setting while managing their expenses.
  • Though the application used for expenses (Concur) didn’t improve in VR, the experience was found to be more engaging.
  • Switching between tasks and VR games like Beat Saber provided a stress-relieving mechanism.


The immersive experience on Meta Quest 3 was facilitated by an application called Immersed, which created a virtual café setting where users could work on their tasks. This public, shared VR environment made it possible to interact with other international users while managing tasks traditionally deemed tedious, like expense reporting​.

In the virtual environment, the user, connected to three virtual displays, managed their expenses using Concur, a tool commonly used for expense reporting. Interestingly, while Concur’s user experience didn’t particularly improve in VR, the user found the VR environment made the task more enjoyable. The virtual setting provided an escape, allowing the user to switch between tasks and VR games like Beat Saber whenever frustration from managing expenses arose.

The experiment demonstrates VR’s potential in transforming mundane tasks into engaging experiences. By blending the virtual with the real, users found a novel way to approach expense management. This hints at VR’s broader capability to revolutionize daily task management, making routine chores more interactive and less tedious.

This experiment sheds light on a potential new avenue for making mundane or tedious tasks more engaging through VR technology. It opens up discussions on the role of VR in everyday task management and how it can transform traditional workflows into more interactive and enjoyable experiences. Though this was a singular experiment, it hints at the broader potential VR holds in revolutionizing how common tasks are approached.

Managing expenses in VR provided a unique experience that made a typically mundane task more engaging and less stressful. While the tools used for expense management remained the same, the VR environment added a novel, enjoyable dimension to the task. This experiment presents a glimpse into how VR can be integrated into daily task management, making routine tasks more enjoyable and interactive.