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Meta Tests Unskippable Ads in Instagram Feed

Meta is testing unskippable ads in the Instagram feed to boost ad revenue, impacting user experience and providing advertisers with guaranteed viewership.

Meta Introduces AI Summaries for Facebook Posts: A New Experiment with Mixed Results

Meta's new AI summaries for Facebook posts offer a quick way to digest information, but early results show mixed effectiveness, prompting user feedback for improvements.

Meta Patents AI-Based Virtual Assistant for Quest Headset and Smartglasses: Understanding User Head Gestures

Meta patents an AI-based virtual assistant for its Quest headset and smartglasses, enabling hands-free control through head gestures, enhancing user interaction and accessibility.

Microsoft and Meta Partner to Bring Windows to Meta Quest VR Headsets

Microsoft and Meta partner to bring Windows apps, including Teams and Office, to Meta Quest VR headsets, enhancing productivity and collaboration in virtual reality.

Meta’s Oversight Board Faces Scrutiny Over AI-Generated Content Regulations

Explore how Meta's Oversight Board is addressing the challenges of AI-generated sexual content and its impact on social media moderation.

Meta Enhances Instagram with AI-Powered Search Bar

Meta tests a new AI-powered search bar in Instagram to enhance search functionalities and improve user experience with advanced AI technology, offering a more personalized and interactive platform.

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