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Apple’s iPhone dilemma – launch a portless iPhone or one with a Type-C port

Apple has been rumored to be working on a future iPhone model that would be devoid of any ports. However, before that makes landfall, what seems to be more certain is that an iPhone featuring a USB Type-C port will get to see the light of day sometime soon. The European Union’s recent push to adopt a uniform standard for charging ports might have prompted Apple to act on this and recent rumors also point to Apple working in this regard.

What is intriguing though is that Apple waited all these years to adopt the Type-C ports on its iPhones if the latest rumors in this regard are indeed true. The Type-C port was introduced to the iPad devices back in 2018 while the Mac devices came with those even earlier, 2016 to be precise. This makes us wonder what made Apple to wait all these years to go for the Type-C ports for its iPhone devices.

The developments also seem to raise more questions than it answers. For instance, if Apple has indeed been working on an iPhone model devoid of any ports, did it make enough progress for us to expect a portless iPhone sometime soon. Again, if that is true, is an iPhone with a Type-C port just an interim solution to comply with EU guidelines. In any case, such a feature has been long demanded and expected by iPhone users anywhere in the world.

Many also suspect Apple might have shelved the portless iPhone model in favor of one with the Type-C port as the latter will make things more convenient for users the world over. On the contrary, a portless iPhone means buyers will immediately have to invest in a compatible wireless charger unless they already have them. That isn’t likely to be the case with a Type-C enabled iPhone as a Type-C charger is more widely used the world over.

Another point in favor of a wired charging solution is that it allows for faster data transfers, something that is important or may we say, quite essential when you have such excellent cameras capable of shooting nice photos and 4K quality videos. Achieving the same using a wireless iPhone isn’t likely to be as hassle-free.

Or Apple might adopt the middle-path approach and go for introducing both a portless iPhone as well as a wired one to satisfy both camps. The Pro models with more advanced cameras might be provided the Type-C port while the non-Pro models might go for a port less build.

It will be interesting to see what Apple eventually decides in this respect.