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Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Set to Feature Advanced Exynos W940 Chip

Samsung is reportedly gearing up to launch its next-generation Galaxy Watch 7 with a significant hardware upgrade, the Exynos W940 chipset. This move marks a progression from the Exynos W930 chip used in the Galaxy Watch 6 series, aiming to enhance both performance and energy efficiency.

Key Highlights:

  • The Galaxy Watch 7 is expected to feature the new Exynos W940 chip.
  • This chip is an upgrade from the previous Exynos W930, used in the Galaxy Watch 6.
  • The Exynos W940, also known as Exynos 5535 internally, is likely to offer improved power management and performance.
  • Samsung’s focus on advanced chip technology underscores its commitment to innovation in the wearable technology sector.

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Samsung, a titan in the tech industry, is set to elevate the wearable tech game with its upcoming Galaxy Watch 7. This new iteration is rumored to be powered by the Exynos W940 chip, a significant upgrade from the Exynos W930 used in the Galaxy Watch 6 series. This development not only underscores Samsung’s commitment to cutting-edge technology but also hints at notable enhancements in both performance and energy efficiency for the Galaxy Watch 7.

The Evolution of Samsung’s Smartwatch Chips

Samsung’s journey in smartwatch chip innovation has been remarkable. The Galaxy Watch 4 series debuted with the Exynos W920 chipset, and while the Galaxy Watch 5 series maintained this chip, the latest Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic introduced the new Exynos W930 processor. This chip boasted a higher clock speed and an improved fabrication process, setting the stage for the anticipated leap to the Exynos W940 in the Galaxy Watch 7.

What to Expect from the Exynos W940

The Exynos W940, internally known as the Exynos 5535, is expected to be a game-changer in wearable technology. While specific details about the chipset’s capabilities remain sparse, it’s speculated that the chip will bring enhanced power management and overall performance improvements. This advancement is crucial in the fiercely competitive wearable tech market, where companies constantly strive to outdo each other in both functionality and user experience.

Impact on the Wearable Tech Market

The introduction of the Exynos W940 in the Galaxy Watch 7 could have a significant impact on the wearable tech market. By improving energy efficiency and processing power, Samsung sets a new standard for what users can expect from their smartwatches. This not only benefits consumers but also pushes other tech giants to innovate further, driving the entire industry forward.


In summary, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 7, powered by the Exynos W940 chip, represents a significant step forward in smartwatch technology. This advancement promises enhanced performance and energy efficiency, demonstrating Samsung’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the wearable tech sector.