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Pixel Users Plagued by New Storage Bug Following January Google Play Update

Key Highlights:

  • Google Pixel users are encountering a storage issue following the January 2024 Google Play System Update.
  • The problem affects data access in internal storage across all applications.
  • This issue causes inability to play downloaded files, take new photos, and results in an empty Files app.
  • Pixel 8, 7, and 6 series users report the issue; Google acknowledges and investigates.
  • Users are advised to check their Google Play System update version and delay updating if possible.

Google Pixel users are once again grappling with a vexing storage issue, this time seemingly triggered by the latest Google Play System Update rolled out in January 2024. This new development adds to the series of challenges Pixel users have faced, especially after the initial Android 14 release.

Users who have updated to the January 2024 version report numerous glitches affecting data stored in their device’s internal storage. These problems manifest in several ways, from the inability to play downloaded audio and video files to the camera app crashing, an empty Files app, and missing screenshots. Even more troubling, the phones display a sudden lack of storage space, despite having ample room.

Interestingly, this issue is reminiscent of a similar problem that surfaced in October 2023, also linked to a Google Play system update. While the exact cause is still under investigation, it appears that the January update is the common denominator in these occurrences.

The scope of the issue is quite broad, impacting a range of Pixel models, including the Pixel 5, 6, 7, 8, and even the Pixel Fold. This widespread effect has left many users frustrated and in need of a swift resolution.

Google has not been silent on this matter. A spokesperson from the tech giant acknowledged the issue and confirmed that an investigation is underway. This response is a ray of hope for those affected, especially considering Google’s history of releasing a patch in November 2023 to address a similar issue.

For now, Google advises Pixel users who have not yet updated to the problematic January 2024 version to delay doing so. Those who have already updated and are experiencing these storage issues might try disabling multiple profiles on their phone as a temporary workaround. Users can check their current Google Play System update version through the Security and Privacy > System & Updates > Google Play System Update path in their phone settings.


In conclusion, the recurrence of this storage issue is a significant setback for Google Pixel users, who are once again facing disruptions in their device’s functionality. Google’s acknowledgment of the problem and its history of addressing similar issues in the past provide some assurance that a solution may be on the horizon. Users are recommended to exercise caution with system updates and stay informed on the latest developments from Google.