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Apple is gearing up for an exciting spring with the expected release of a larger iPad Air alongside new iPad Pro and MacBook Air models.

  • Key Highlights:
    • A larger iPad Air with 12.9-inch display expected.
    • New iPad Pro models with OLED displays and M3 chip.
    • MacBook Airs with M3 chip featuring hardware-accelerated Ray Tracing.
    • Launch anticipated in March or April 2024.

A New Era for iPad Air

The tech world is abuzz with the anticipation of Apple’s upcoming spring release. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has reported that a new iPad Air, iPad Pro, and MacBook Air models are expected to be launched as early as March or April 2024. This release is particularly significant as it includes a larger iPad Air, marking a new milestone in Apple’s tablet lineup.

iPad Air: Enlarging the Possibilities

The next iteration of the iPad Air is rumored to come in two sizes: the standard 10.9-inch and an all-new 12.9-inch display. This larger version aims to offer users an expanded screen real estate, perfect for creative professionals and media consumers. Expected features include Apple’s M2 chip for enhanced performance, a redesigned rear camera bump, and the latest in connectivity with Wi-Fi 6E support and Bluetooth 5.3.

iPad Pro: Embracing OLED Technology

Moving onto the iPad Pro models, Apple is set to make a significant leap by introducing OLED displays in the next 11-inch and 13-inch models. These displays promise brighter screens, higher contrast ratios, and lower power consumption. The shift to OLED, coupled with the inclusion of Apple’s M3 chip, is likely to position the iPad Pro at a higher price point. Other anticipated features include MagSafe wireless charging and a redesigned Magic Keyboard.

MacBook Air: Advancing with the M3 Chip

The MacBook Air is also getting a substantial upgrade with the introduction of the M3 chip. Gurman’s report suggests that both the 13-inch and the new 15-inch models will be released simultaneously, a departure from Apple’s usual staggered launch approach. The M3 chip will bring hardware-accelerated Ray Tracing and mesh shading, enhancing the graphics rendering capabilities of these laptops. While major design changes are not expected, the addition of Wi-Fi 6E is a welcome update.


Apple’s spring launch is set to bring significant advancements to its product lineup, with the larger iPad Air being a major highlight. This release will also see updates to the iPad Pro and MacBook Air, featuring the latest in display technology and processing power. Tech enthusiasts and Apple fans alike eagerly await these releases, which are poised to redefine the standards in their respective categories.