Home News Avowed Confirms Multiple Endings: A Deep Dive into Obsidian’s Upcoming RPG

Avowed Confirms Multiple Endings: A Deep Dive into Obsidian’s Upcoming RPG

Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming title, Avowed, has been confirmed to feature multiple endings, staying true to the developer’s reputation for creating rich, player-driven narratives. This news was unveiled following a closer look at the game during the Xbox Developer Direct stream, highlighting Obsidian’s dedication to immersive storytelling and player choice.

Key Highlights:

  • Multiple Endings Confirmed: Avowed will have multiple endings, as confirmed by the game director, Carrie Patel, emphasizing the game’s commitment to choice and consequence.
  • Player Choices Matter: The RPG will feature a plethora of quests that could significantly impact the game world and its inhabitants, though not every decision will dramatically alter the game’s outcome.
  • Unique World and Characters: While comparisons to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are inevitable, Avowed seeks to stand out with its unique setting and character creation options, focusing on humans and elves.

In-Depth Analysis

Avowed, set in the rich fantasy world of Eora, promises to deliver an expansive role-playing experience that Obsidian Entertainment is renowned for. During a detailed showcase at the Xbox Developer Direct event, the game demonstrated not only its impressive visuals and combat but also a narrative depth that allows for multiple story outcomes based on player decisions.

The Significance of Multiple Endings

The confirmation of multiple endings by Carrie Patel, the game’s director, underscores Obsidian’s commitment to creating a game where player choices have tangible impacts on the narrative’s direction. This design philosophy ensures that each playthrough can offer a unique story experience, encouraging players to explore different paths and decisions.

Beyond Choices: World Impact and Character Creation

Avowed’s gameplay mechanics are designed to make players consider the consequences of their actions within the game world. While some quests will have a profound effect on the story and characters, others might lead to subtler changes, reflecting the complexity and realism of the game’s universe. Moreover, the decision to limit character creation to humans and elves has sparked curiosity about how these choices fit into the broader narrative and world-building efforts.

Avowed: Setting Itself Apart

Despite inevitable comparisons to iconic RPGs like Skyrim, Avowed aims to carve out its unique identity within the genre. The focus on creating a distinct narrative and gameplay experience, coupled with the strategic decision to narrow down character races, suggests a game that values depth and quality in its storytelling and world-building.


Avowed is shaping up to be an ambitious addition to the RPG genre, with Obsidian Entertainment once again proving their mastery in crafting engrossing narratives where player choices play a pivotal role in shaping the game’s outcome. With multiple endings confirmed, the game promises a rich, replayable experience that will likely set a new benchmark for storytelling in video games. As we await its release in 2024 for PC and Xbox Series X/S, the excitement and anticipation for Avowed continue to build.