Home News Garmin Unveils Groundbreaking Features in Latest Smartwatch Beta Update

Garmin Unveils Groundbreaking Features in Latest Smartwatch Beta Update

Garmin Unveils Groundbreaking Features in Latest Smartwatch Beta Update

Garmin’s latest beta update for its smartwatch line has introduced an array of innovative features aimed at enhancing user experiences across fitness, navigation, and daily wellness tracking. With a focus on practicality and performance, these updates spotlight Garmin’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what wearable technology can achieve.

The update brings significant enhancements to Garmin’s Forerunner series, notably models 255, 955, and 965, adding a variety of features and improvements. Among these, the introduction of a ‘Sleep Coach glance’ stands out, offering users detailed insights and recommendations to optimize their sleep quality. This tool establishes a ‘Personal Baseline’ for sleep, aiming to guide users towards achieving optimal rest based on historical sleep patterns and current lifestyle factors​.

For fitness enthusiasts, a new ‘Jump Rope’ activity profile has been added, providing a specialized tracking option for this form of exercise. Additionally, the update enhances multisport transitions with an ‘Auto Activity Detect‘ feature, streamlining the process of switching between different sport modes during triathlons or duathlons. This ensures seamless transitions and accurate data recording across all segments of a multisport event​.

Another notable inclusion is the ‘Lap Undo’ feature, designed to correct any accidental lap recordings during workouts. This option allows users to maintain the accuracy of their session data without the worry of unintended inputs disrupting their records.

Garmin has also addressed the needs of runners by integrating a global database of 400m running tracks, a boon for athletes seeking precision in performance measurement. Further enhancing the user experience, updates to turn point course navigation and headset compatibility have been implemented, particularly benefiting the Music versions of the Forerunner 265 series​.

The latest beta version isn’t just about adding new features; it also includes fixes for various issues, such as touchscreen settings during sleep mode, text display on map navigation pages, and inconsistencies in backlight brightness levels. For strength training, the update ensures the selected set weight is remembered during structured workouts, enhancing the utility of the Strength activity profile​.

Moreover, Garmin has expanded its wellness tracking capabilities with the introduction of nap tracking, allowing users to monitor daytime rest and receive recommendations for optimal nap durations and timings. This addition complements the existing sleep tracking features, offering a more comprehensive overview of rest patterns​.

The ‘Red Shift Mode’ introduced in the Forerunner 265 and 965 models caters to those sensitive to blue light exposure, adjusting the display to emit reddish hues that are easier on the eyes and less likely to disrupt sleep patterns. This mode maintains full functionality while aiming to minimize the impact of screen time on sleep quality​.

Garmin’s latest beta update exemplifies the brand’s dedication to evolving its wearable technology to meet the diverse needs of its users. From enhancing fitness tracking and sleep management to improving navigation and device usability, these updates underscore Garmin’s role as a leader in the smartwatch market.


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