Home News Samsung Mocks Apple’s iPad Pro Ad with UnCrush Campaign

Samsung Mocks Apple’s iPad Pro Ad with UnCrush Campaign

Samsung Mocks Apple’s iPad Pro Ad with UnCrush Campaign

In a bold move, Samsung has launched an ad campaign mocking Apple’s controversial iPad Pro “Crush” commercial, which recently faced significant backlash. Apple’s advertisement, intended to highlight the thinness and power of the new iPad Pro, depicted various art supplies being crushed by a hydraulic press, leading to criticism for its insensitivity towards artists and creative professionals. In response, Samsung’s new “UnCrush” campaign directly targets Apple’s misstep, promoting its Galaxy Tab S9 series as a true ally for creatives.

Apple’s ‘Crush’ Ad Controversy

Apple’s “Crush” ad, which aired in early May 2024, showed paints, musical instruments, and other artistic tools being flattened to reveal the sleek new iPad Pro. The ad was meant to symbolize the iPad’s capability to replace traditional creative tools. However, it was met with severe criticism from the creative community, who felt the ad disrespected traditional art forms and tools. Critics described the ad as “heartbreaking” and “creepy,” accusing Apple of trivializing the emotional and cultural value of these creative instruments​​.

The backlash was intense enough that Apple issued a public apology and pulled the ad from all platforms. Apple’s VP of Marketing stated, “We missed the mark with this video, and we’re sorry. Our goal is to always celebrate the myriad of ways users express themselves and bring their ideas to life through iPad”​.

Samsung’s ‘UnCrush’ Campaign

Seizing the opportunity, Samsung released its “UnCrush” ad campaign shortly after Apple’s apology. Samsung’s ad portrays a more respectful and supportive stance towards creativity. The “UnCrush” campaign emphasizes that the Galaxy Tab S9 is designed to enhance and support traditional artistic methods rather than replace them. The ad showcases various creative professionals using the Galaxy Tab S9 alongside their traditional tools, highlighting features like the high-resolution S Pen, advanced display technology, and seamless integration with popular creative software.

Samsung’s ad also cleverly mimics the hydraulic press scene but instead shows the press lifting to reveal the intact traditional tools alongside the Galaxy Tab S9, symbolizing harmony between old and new creative methods. The tagline, “Create without limits,” drives home Samsung’s message of inclusivity and support for all forms of creativity​​.

Market Reactions and Implications

Samsung’s quick response has been well-received, with many praising the company for its clever and respectful marketing strategy. Industry analysts suggest that this campaign could positively impact Samsung’s market share in the tablet segment, especially among creative professionals disillusioned by Apple’s recent ad blunder.

This marketing battle highlights the intense competition between tech giants Apple and Samsung. It also underscores the sensitivity required when marketing products to creative communities, who value both traditional and digital tools.

Samsung’s “UnCrush” campaign is a direct counter to Apple’s controversial “Crush” ad, promoting a message of respect and support for traditional creativity. By leveraging Apple’s misstep, Samsung has positioned its Galaxy Tab S9 series as a more inclusive and supportive tool for artists and creatives, potentially boosting its appeal and market share in the process.


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