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LA Regionals Reveal Next Season Name & PvP Updates: Season of Shared Skies

Season of Shared Skies

The Los Angeles Regional Championship has officially unveiled the name and updates for the next season, dubbed the “Season of Shared Skies.” This announcement has generated significant interest within the gaming community, particularly among World of Warcraft enthusiasts. The new season promises to bring an array of exciting features, changes, and improvements to the player versus player (PvP) experience.

Start Date and General Overview

The “Season of Shared Skies” is set to begin on April 23, 2024, for North American servers, with European servers following on April 24, 2024. This new season will introduce a variety of updates aimed at enhancing the competitive PvP landscape. Players can look forward to new gear, class changes, and a fresh PvP event, all designed to provide a more balanced and engaging experience​.

New Gear and Rewards

One of the highlights of the new season is the introduction of updated PvP gear. Players will have access to four types of PvP gear: Crafted, Honor, Conquest, and Draconic Warmonger’s War Mode Gear. Each gear type offers different item levels and benefits:

  • Crafted PvP Gear: Item Level 502
  • Honor Gear: PvP Item Level 515
  • Conquest Gear: PvP Item Level 528
  • Blue-Quality War Mode Gear: PvP Item Level 512
  • Epic-Quality War Mode Gear: PvP Item Level 525​.

These gear types can be upgraded using the Dragonflight Gear Upgrade System, allowing players to improve their equipment’s PvE item level while maintaining its PvP effectiveness.

Class Changes and Balancing

The new season will also bring significant changes to various classes to ensure a more balanced PvP environment. For example, the Restoration Druid will see the introduction of a new talent, Grove Guardians, which enhances their healing capabilities by summoning treants to assist in battle. Other classes, such as Mistweaver Monks and Discipline Priests, will experience adjustments to their healing outputs to better align with the overall tuning goals​​.

PvP Events and Activities

A new PvP event, “The Blood Moon,” will be introduced in the Season of Shared Skies. This event will occur every three hours in Stranglethorn Vale and will last for 30 minutes. During this event, players can engage in intense PvP combat, with special rewards available for those who participate and perform well. The event aims to add an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to the PvP scene, encouraging players to strategize and collaborate to emerge victorious​​.

Regional Championships and Qualifications

The upcoming season also includes updates to the Regional Championship pathways. Players can qualify for major events through local game stores, eventually leading to the Pro Tour and the Magic World Championship. In the United States, the Regional Championship partnership will transition from DreamHack to Star City Games. Similar transitions will occur in other regions, such as EMEA and Mexico, ensuring a seamless and competitive championship experience across the globe​.


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