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She has spent the past eight years playing the role of an infrastructure consultant, and has now joined Inferse.com as a full time blogger. Her current profession is a result of her deep interest in computer gadgets, laptops, gaming accessories and other tech happenings.

Multinational Team Completes Space Mission, Returns to Earth

Multinational team of astronauts from NASA, ESA, JAXA, and Roscosmos safely returns to Earth from the International Space Station after a six-month mission, marking a successful end to their journey aboard SpaceX's Crew Dragon Endurance.

Xbox Leadership Transformation: A New Era with Sarah Bond

Sarah Bond takes the helm as Xbox's new president in a major leadership reshuffle, aiming to innovate and expand the Xbox gaming experience.

Google Books Flooded with AI-Written Works: A Tumultuous Turn for Authors and Readers

The rise of AI-generated books on Google Books and Amazon ignites debate among authors over copyright issues, prompting calls for fair compensation and transparency in AI's use of copyrighted works.

Everything You Need to Know About iOS 17.5 Beta 1

Discover everything iOS 17.5 Beta 1 brings, including direct app downloads for EU users, and enhancements in user experience and security.

Revolutionizing Note-Taking: The Rise of AI Voice Notes Apps

Explore the best AI voice notes apps of 2024, including Talknotes, PLAUD NOTE, and Otter, revolutionizing how we capture and organize thoughts and meetings efficiently.

Uber Eats Courier’s Battle Against AI Bias in the UK

An Uber Eats courier's legal battle in the UK over alleged AI bias in facial recognition technology highlights the challenges of ensuring fairness and justice in the gig economy.

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