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New mining facilities for the united states

Bitcoin mining has been harshly criticized for the energy consumption it represents; it has shown that it can be sustainable in terms of income generation as well as environmental protection.

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One of the most explosive issues is the carbon footprint that Bitcoin mining leaves in the environment. Still, this could be an aspect that, with time and the use of alternative energies, is completely diminished.

Surprising increase in crypto mining activities

In recent years, there has been an increase in mining specifically for Bitcoin by North American companies that have dedicated themselves to this economic activity. Despite the results generated so far in 2022, they managed to increase their production by more than 160%.

Among some companies with the highest operating capacity in the crypto mining sector are Bitfarms, Riot Blockchain, Hut 8, and Cleanspark, which, compared to 2021, have managed to exceed 100% of annual income only during the first quarter of 2022.

Although it seems incredible, a series of aspects that contributed to this process should be considered because the downward trend could have affected this sector. After all, users and investors, even those considered whales like Tesla, decided to sell their crypto assets. So, in some way, it slows down the mining process.

Despite all the controversies generated against digital currencies, the United States is one of the countries with the highest adoption of them, representing more than 20% of use in this nation alone.

The US is a magnet for Bitcoin mining.

One of the companies that create Bitcoin mining equipment is evaluating the possibility of installing new mining farms, for which a series of considerations have been taken, ranging from the electrical supply to the raw material or equipment necessary to meet the goal.

Texas is one of the areas of the United States where the most significant number of businesses dedicated to crypto mining have been installed.

In addition, companies have begun to manage the transition from using fossil fuels as an energy source to more environmentally friendly ambient resources.

There are various options regarding cryptocurrency mining in the United States; specifically, there are companies that even often offer accommodation to miners to make operations more comfortable and without neglecting the fact that they are adapting to the use of clean energy without pollutants in favor of all requests for environmental protection.

Many people often wonder why the United States, the answer is simple; it has the space and energy requirements that companies and individuals who mine cryptocurrencies as a business need.

Although the general outlook for cryptocurrencies has not turned out to be the most optimistic, where even mining has been significantly affected, industrial miners are taking greater possession of the market because they consider that the digital financial market represents the future of currencies. There, you will be able to observe the fruits of the bearish phases.

The situation in China, where the government began to control and limit activities with cryptocurrencies in the region, represented an exciting opportunity for many miners and the exodus distributed today between the United States and Kazakhstan.

Highest income in the cryptocurrency mining industry

After the results obtained during the first quarter of 2022, the Canaan company and its team of executives have made public the company’s decision not only to expand its mining facilities in the United States but also that its income in Kazakhstan has been quite positive, so they have decided send mining teams to increase the hash rate in this area.

Its main objective is to promote not only the exploitation of cryptocurrencies through its ASIC Mining equipment but also to increase the sales of its equipment in the US.

Although the economic scenarios are not very encouraging, this industry is growing exponentially worldwide.


After China prohibited any activity related to digital currencies, many miners had to emigrate in search of areas that offered not only profitability but also the perfect conditions to develop mining as an economic activity.

The issue is that mining is one of the fundamental elements for the issuance of cryptocurrency units such as Bitcoin; given this, devices of significant technological advances have been created that allow mining activity to be developed with greater efficiency and effectiveness.