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Microsoft announces new Surface Studio 2 Plus, Surface Laptop 4, and Surface Pro 9 devices

Microsoft launched the Surface Studio 2 Plus desktop computer at its fall 2022 Surface Event. Priced an eye popping $4299.99, the new Surface Studio 2 Plus is however almost exactly the same as its predecessor that was launched back in 2018 save for the addition of a trio of new Thunderbolt 4 ports this time. Apart from that, the internals has been thoroughly upgraded to allow for higher levels of performance.

As announced in the launch event, the Surface Studio 2 Plus is powered by the latest Intel 11th Gen Core H-series processors and Nvidia’s RTX 3060 GPUs which Microsoft said will lead to a 50 percent improvement in performance over its predecessor. The desktop also supports a digital pen as well which means users will be able to write or draw right on the display itself.

Apart from the processor and GPU, the other aspects of the desktop that too has been upgraded include the display, an enhanced HD camera, and microphones.

Further, a cool feature of the desktop is that four different apps can be accommodated on the display which aids immensely in multitasking. A 1 TB SSD hard drive has also been included which will allow for significantly faster file transfer speeds. Price starts at $4,299 though it jumps to $4,499 for the model accompanied by the digital pen.

Among the other devices that Microsoft launched at the event include the Surface Laptop 5 which however will only come with a choice of Intel processors this time. The Surface Laptop 4 had an AMD option which delivered excellent performance and battery life though unfortunately, that isn’t retained with the Laptop 5 model line-up. There is going to be Thunderbolt 4 support available this time while there is a new green color option provided as well.

The range starts at 9 and will be hitting store floors from October 25 onwards.

Then there is the Surface Pro 9 that too was announced and is going to have an ARM processor option as well apart from Intel processor equipped models. The Arm models come powered by the Qualcomm and Microsoft SQ3 processor, the latter again offering some exclusive features. Those include support for 5G networks and a neural processing unit that is capable of supporting AI processing efficiently. The Surface Pro 9 starts at $999 for the Intel model and $1,299 for the Arm models. Another cool feature of the Surface Pro 9 range this time includes new color options such as platinum, sapphire, graphite, and forest.