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EU Accuses Microsoft of Secretly Collecting Children’s Data

EU accuses Microsoft of secretly collecting children's data, following a $20M FTC fine for similar violations. Learn about the allegations and implications.

Microsoft and Meta Partner to Bring Windows to Meta Quest VR Headsets

Microsoft and Meta partner to bring Windows apps, including Teams and Office, to Meta Quest VR headsets, enhancing productivity and collaboration in virtual reality.

Microsoft Aims to Make PCs Relevant Again with New AI-Powered Surface Lineup

Microsoft aims to revitalize PCs with AI-powered Surface devices, offering enhanced performance and features for business and consumer markets.

Privacy Concerns Mount Over Microsoft’s New AI Tool: Experts Raise Red Flags

Privacy experts raise serious concerns about Microsoft's latest AI tool, highlighting potential data security and misuse risks.

Microsoft Launches New AI-Powered Copilot for Teams to Boost Productivity

Microsoft introduces an enhanced Copilot for Teams, featuring improved meeting insights, comprehensive chat history, and broader accessibility for businesses and individuals.

Hands On: Microsoft’s 2024 Surfaces Level Up With Copilot AI, Arm Silicon

Discover the 2024 Microsoft Surface lineup featuring Copilot AI and custom Arm silicon for enhanced performance and efficiency.

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