Home Technology Apple recalls two-prong wall plug adapters spanning back to 2003

Apple recalls two-prong wall plug adapters spanning back to 2003

Apple has just announced that it recalls AC wall plug adapters. The company has issued a recall on two-prong adapters for select Apple Mac and iOS hardware dating from 2003 and 2015. A small number of the Apple two-prong adapters just aren’t working as they should.

The company has stated, “In very rare cases, affected Apple two-prong wall plug adapters may break and create a risk of electrical shock if touched.” Consequently, Apple has made it clear that a small number of its adapters are faulty and might need replacing.

Note that this adapter recall only applies to certain regions. The recall is most relevant to continental Europe, New Zealand, Korea, Argentina, Brazil and Australia. That means that the recall does not apply to AC adapters designed for the US, UK, Japan, China and Canada.

So how can you tell if you have a faulty Apple AC wall plug adapter? Apple has included an image on its website that shows a faulty adapter alongside a redesigned one. Note that a faulty adapter will have four or five numbers, or no characters at all, on the inside slot. Alternatively, a redesigned one will have regional code on the inside slot such as EUR, BRA, etc.

If your adapter doesn’t have that regional code, chances are it’s a faulty one that you can now freely replace. There are a few ways to replace a faulty adapter. You could contact Apple Support for your region.

Alternatively, request a replacement AC adapter from the exchange program web page. There you’ll need to enter an Apple ID and serial number, which you can find by selecting Settings > General > About in iPhones and iPads. Thirdly, take the adapter back to an Apple Store that will give you a replacement.

So this is a rare Apple recall, but not the first one from the company. It also recalled Beats Pill XI audio speakers. You can find out more details about the adapter recall at the Apple support website.