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Top 5 slow motion Android apps for camera lovers

Android phones and tablets have cameras that you can record video with, but not all of them have slow motion recording options for them. However, slow motion playback is undoubtedly a very handy option to have for editing videos and sport coaching. With it, you can check parts of the video in greater detail before editing.

AndroVid Video Editor

Firstly, AndroVid Video Editor is a freely available app, which is a bonus. It’s not specifically a slow motion video editor, but a more general editing app for videos. Among the numerous options it includes is slow motion video playback. Furthermore, you can then add extra effects such as fade in, vintage and sepia to the video with this app. With AndroVid, you can also split the slow motion video into a couple of separate clips and extract frames from them.

Coach’s Eye

Coach’s Eye is an app getting some rave reviews on Google Play. As the title highlights, this is a slow motion app more specifically designed for sport coaching.

With this app, you can record things and then slow the videos right down. It’s more specifically geared to sport coaches so that they can record sports such as athletic races, but anybody can use it. This app includes extra drawing tools so that you can draw arrows, lines and circles on the videos. It also has record audio commentary for videos, which is another handy option. There is a free version of the app, but the Pro version is retailing at 99.

Slow Motion Video

If you have a higher resolution camera, Slow Motion Video is one app to note. It enables you to record high-resolution videos and play them in slow motion. You can also watch through the videos frame by frame. Also, users can now select videos from their galleries to play in slow motion.

ReAction Slo-Mo Pro

If you need to create some slow motion action sequences in videos, check out ReAction Slo-Mo Pro. With this app, you can add the slow motion effect to the video without any loss of quality or motion blurs. The best thing is the app’s flexibility, as it enables you to add slow motion to smaller portions of the video. Slow Motion Pro also includes IAPs for slow motion Speed Bump profiles, which are more specific video effects.

Slow Motion Free

Slow Motion Free is a freely available Android app that also has a Pro version with no adds in it. The good thing about this app is it that you can both record in slow motion or play a recorded video and make adjustments to its speed. This app also has some additional handy options such as its frame rate bar sensitivity and unlimited recording. Furthermore, you can also save videos to external storage. However, note those extra options are only available in the Pro version.

So these are five of the best slow motion video apps for the Android. Some of the apps are also available for the iOS. With them, you can record slow motion videos and then edit them. You can also check out our 10 best android online storage apps list.