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Expect Exceptional Gains in 2023 from HedgeUP (HDUP) And Aave (AAVE)

While there still seems to be a lot of volatility surrounding the crypto marketplace as we step forth in 2023, it is also a fact that there are a couple of digital currency and NFT projects that seem to be restoring investor confidence. Some projects are even fetching tasty profits in an otherwise inflation-ridden market, and some are offering long-term value and lucrative benefits.

Because there is a lot more profit that can be made buying and selling cryptocurrencies compared to traditional assets, a majority of people are starting to invest in several cryptos to diversify their portfolio in the new year, gearing for gradual but certain profitability.

Moreover, digital assets also allow users the chance to invest in alternative crypto projects. New cryptocurrency projects that are potentially lucrative in both the short and long term, such as HedgeUp (HDUP), continue to grow in value and demand, attracting all types of investors. In light of this, we’re going to talk about two cryptos that are making big waves in the 2023 crypto market, HedgeUp and Aave.

Why You Should Care for HedgeUp More Than Other Altcoins

Apart from being a new and promising crypto, HedgeUp comes with a lot of quality use cases. The project is designed to provide both crypto and traditional investors with the opportunity to inject their capital into tangible assets that are licensed and insured – all these assets are secured in vaults. The primary objective of HDUP is to enable investors to penetrate the trade markets by effectively and transparently collaborating with reputed and accredited start-up businesses.

In addition, HedgeUp will also offer users the chance to become fractional owners of the company’s NFTs. But only members who fully own HDUP NFTs will have the privilege to own 100% of the non-fungible token. As a HedgeUp member, you will have the opportunity to invest in real-world asset classes such as novelty and high-value alcohol and hard liquor, designer gold watches, high-end jewellery, and much more.

Moreover, the company will also be partnering with streamlined card processing merchants that specialize in offering fast and transparent digital currency to fiat currency conversions, making it easy for HedgeUp users to enrich their cash flow. This will ultimately help them spend their profits however they please. All HedgeUp members can also form a DAO community and play a contributing role in helping further the company’s core objective and deliverables, ultimately helping govern and expand the HDUP ecosystem.

Why Aave is also a Good Investment Consideration

While Aave (AAVE) isn’t a particularly new project, it is still pretty popular and comes with a lot of real-world use cases, especially when you talk about the decentralized finance factor in the blockchain. Aave is an open-source protocol infrastructure. In addition, it is also non-custodial and enables crypto users to borrow and lend traditional or tangible assets. Aave users can invest in and trade multiple asset classes both in the digital world and the real world without requiring any centralized intermediaries.

Bottom Line

In all, HedgeUp makes it easy for traditional investors to step into the world of cryptocurrency by investing in alternative assets by becoming fractional owners of unique and high-value commodities. You can quite literally start investing in traditional assets with a minimum sum of $1-$10 and gradually diversify your asset basket to earn profits of up to 36% per annum.