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Twitter marks 10th anniversary, CEO commits to 140-character tweet limit

It has been ten years that Twitter has been in existence during which time it has emerged as one of the most valuable online companies in the world.

Speaking on the occasion, CEO Jack Dorsey reiterated his vision for the company and said that they will continue to build on the core principles that has been its guiding force ever since. This includes the unique 140-character constraint for its users to express themselves. Even though that might seem too few but the fact is, the 140-character limit itself can be considered to be one reason that has propelled Twitter to dizzying heights of success.

With Jack Dorsey proclaiming the famous 140-character limit to stay, a feature that has earned it the title of being a micro-blogging site, what is clear is that Twitter will continue to be known for its short and quick messages that are known to proliferate far and wide.

Such is the popularity of Twitter that researchers have predicted the volume of Twitter messages to be directly proportional to the extent of damage incurred in a region during times of natural calamities. Researchers have stated the feature can prove handy for rescuers to get along with their act in a calamity-ridden area.

There have been recent rumors of the company considering increasing the tweet limit to 10,000 characters though that seems to have been put to rest now.

That apart, Twitter has also emerged as one of the favorite mediums for companies, individuals or celebrities eager to establish direct communications with their followers. Take for instance the recent Apple initiative to offer after sales service via Twitter.

However, while Twitter has seen prolific growth rate since its inception, things unfortunately has blunted out of late. While the company boasts of 320 million active users worldwide, the figures have remained the same during the last one year.

And a few unique qualities of Twitter are often blamed for this. For instance, the open nature of the platform often leads to instances of online abuse and harassment. The openness of the platform too is not to the liking of those who value privacy above anything else.

Dorsey though has lined up elaborate plans aimed to resurrect the lost glory of Twitter. Periscope happens to be one of these, an app that’s used to stream live videos using their smartphones.

Earlier, Twitter has also adopted a new feed algorithm that lines up the user’s Tweets in a manner that replaces the chronological nature that feeds used to be arranged in earlier.

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Meanwhile, Twitter has released its Windows 10 app for PC and Mobile. In another related development, Twitter said they have introduced changes that allow users to skip the usual login procedure at TweetDeck if they have already logged in via the desktop app.

What remains to be seen now is whether the platform continues to be in relevance in the next 10 years, or will it drive into oblivion during the time.