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How to remove a virus from Android phone / tablet without a factory reset

Android devices can get a virus just like desktops. One way you can remove them is by doing a factory reset of your Android tablet or handset. However, if you do that, you’ll also erase the data you have. It is how you can remove a virus without resetting the tablet or mobile.

Step #1: Install an Antivirus app

The first step is to try an antivirus app and scan your device with it. There are numerous antivirus apps you can install onto your Android phone. There are freely available antivirus apps among which is Avira that will scan files and apps for viruses and then remove them. Alternatively, you could try Kaspersky for Android that has a 30-day free trial.

Step #2: Reboot to Safe Mode

If the antivirus app doesn’t effectively remove the virus, you can erase it by rebooting to safe mode. To so that, hold the Power button to activate “Power Off / Reboot” screen. Then hold the Power button again until you get a “Reboot to Safe Mode” prompt. Tap “OK” to reboot the Android device to Safe Mode.

Step #3: Search the Downloads Tab

Next, you should open the “Settings” menu and then select “Apps” Select “Downloaded” to open a list of apps added to the Android device. If you have little idea what the virus title could be, you’re looking for anything that you certainly haven’t installed on the Android device.

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Step #4: Erase the Virus

Now tap the app or apps, you suspect might be virus. That will open an App info page from which you can usually select a “Uninstall” button. Press that button to remove the virus.

Step #5: Deactivate Admin Status

Sometimes the “Uninstall” button might be grayed out because the virus has admin status to disguise it. If that’s so, tap “Settings” > “Security” and “Device Administrators.” That shows you a list of apps with admin status. Select the box beside the app you’re going to erase to remove its tick. Then you can tap “Deactivate” and return to “Apps” menu to delete the virus app.

Hence, these are five steps to removing a virus from Android device. First, you can try out the antivirus apps; and then follow the other steps if required. If you know any other way to remove the virus then do let us know in the comment section.