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Facebook Messenger’s SMS feature: A violation of Google Play rules?

Facebook recently re-introduced SMS feature to its Messenger app. However, the way it is accomplished might have some issues with the Google Play Store app rules.

While it has been a beautiful makeover for Messenger and the app too does an excellent job of serving as the default Android SMS application, many accuse Facebook of going a bit overboard in its intentions. For instance, there is the prominent ‘OK’ button that would serve to include an unsuspecting user into accepting Facebook Messenger as the default SMS app on Android though the fact is; SMS in Messenger is entirely optional.

However, the escape route isn’t as well defined as Google Play Store norms usually spell it out to be. For instance, anyone who’d like to return to Android taking care of its text messages might have a hard time doing so considering there isn’t any button or link as prominent as the one that brought them in to take them out of it again.

However, Facebook believes it is playing by the rules, and such functionality is available via the ‘Settings’ tab. After that, users will have to select the right option though the feature surely isn’t as welcoming as one might be expecting it to be. Google is yet to make its stand on this whole issue.

Facebook’s move to integrate SMS into its Messenger app is, however, a well thought out plan, one that envisages everyone using the app for all the communication requirements, be it standard text messages or online chats.

Or maybe much more to that, now that the social media company has already made it known they wish to see its Messenger app serve as a one-stop destination for all our needs, be it shopping, getting in touch with the service guy or hailing a cab. It, therefore, makes sense to incorporate a design that is inviting and makes its users easier to get into but makes getting out of it a bit tricky.

In the end, that might tend to make one forget that SMS is an entirely optional feature in Messenger though the app’s current UI points otherwise.