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BlackBerry runs out of favour with the US Senate

The US government that served to be the last bastions of BlackBerry phones so far is set to adopt a significant change in their device preferences. What that means is that the once ubiquitous BlackBerry will be going out of favor with the 16 GB iPhone SE and Samsung Galaxy S6 filling in the void.

A note to this effect was issued to the Senate members that it would be iOS or Android device going forward and that no new procurement of BlackBerry devices would take place.

The above however can be considered the perfect depiction of the changes currently prevailing over the tech landscape the world over. BlackBerry has seen its fortunes decline steadily over the last decade or so while iOS and Android have gone on to scale new heights.

The Canadian company shouldn’t be surprised with the US government’s move considering they too have shifted their preferences to Android from its BB10 platform.

It has even come up with handsets running Android, and a few more are in the pipeline. But none running the BB10 software.

BlackBerry stated it continues to hold on to what can be considered its biggest strength – security. It said to have worked extensively on the Android OS to make the Google offering just as secure as its systems have been during its hey days. In fact, it is the stable nature of BlackBerry that had endeared it to businesses and politicians alike all across the globe.

BlackBerry is also making the shift towards emerging as a company dealing in software and services.

It also has comparable figures to prove it can flourish that way, with revenue from the segment topping $166 million during the first quarter. That makes for a 21 percent jump, a desperately needed silver line in the otherwise gloomy scenario with a 44 percent sales drop for the mobile segment.

However, BlackBerry has stated it would continue to honor all warranty obligations that are in force.