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Apple introduces four animated emoji sticker packs

Apple has introduced four emoji sticker packs in the App Store for use on its iMessage platform. The packs come in four distinct packages namely Hearts, Classic Mac, Smileys, and Hands.

However, the launch of the new emoji packs isn’t an isolated development. Rather it is tied up to an important announcement Apple had made earlier at the WWDC event which seeks to open up the iMessage platform to developers for the first time. As such, the developers will have the ability to develop such animated emoji for application on iMessage using the new Messages API.

Of course, the move has a much wider ramification as it aims to make iMessage a more happening place, where users get to do a lot more than just exchanging messages. Among the few case scenarios being put forward is the ability to order food while booking cabs too is on the list. It’s not just that as users also get to make the payment for such services from right within iMessage itself.

Coming back to the four emoji packs, these aren’t anything exceptional but serve as a demo of what developers can accomplish once the new iMessage API is launched. The Classic pack comprises of black and white emoji that were originally designed Susan Kare back in the 80s. Those again draw inspiration from the earlier Apple computers and contain a depiction of the cursor, magnifying glass and so on.

The Smileys set is all about the familiar yellow-faced emoji revealing various moods. These again are more expressive thanks to them being animated and hence convey a lot of meaning.

Similarly, the Hands set comprises of a series of hand gestures with white gloved hand making the animations. Lastly, the Hearts set is the smallest with just ten emoji and show different animations to denote different mood situations.

Apple has introduced a series of new features for its iMessage platform, which includes the ability to change text size to reflect the sender’s mood or the new ‘invisible ink’ feature which keeps the message out of sight until the receiver has swiped over it. Animations too have been introduced to the messaging platform which will occupy the entire available screen and can be in celebration of a special occasion.

iOS 10 which includes the newly revamped iMessage is slated for launch in fall.