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Apple’s Siri can send and receive money via PayPal in 30 countries

Taking innovation to the next level, Apple has recently introduced some new features with iOS10. Among six categories of application which are integrated with the iOS personal assistant, Siri, the most notable one is mobile payments. Yes, the PayPal application for iOS has been upgraded with the new integration, which allows a user to use natural language voice queries to make transactions. Through this integration, an individual can give queries by taking the name present in the contact address book to whom the payment has to be send or received.

For instance, if you have a contact name Alex and you wish to send $100 to the contact. You can just say, ‘Hey Siri, send Alex $100 using PayPal’. After this, Siri will give you a confirmation sheet and through a button to confirm you can send the amount. Once you send the money through voice command, the recipient will receive a mail suggesting to log in to the PayPal account or create a new one to accept the amount. Through the flexibility of Apple’s Siri SDK implementation, one can make formal as well as informal requests for money.

While using this feature, the user should focus on including the word PayPal in the query, so that Siri can couple your request in an optimal manner. Through this, an individual will also be allowed to use slang and shorthand requests. So if you say ‘PayPal Alex $100’ Siri will suggest you options and you can easily choose the action required. The particular feature has been integrated with different languages which include, English, German, French, Italian, Finnish, and Hebrew. Not only this, the particular feature will work in 30 countries.

For using this feature, the iPhone users have to update or install the PayPal application from the App Store. Connect your PayPal account to a funding source, and you are good to use this feature. Now, how well this feature is working in real time situations will be revealed by users in some time but, considering the capabilities of Apple, the feature will be a next big thing for matching the standards for the competitors.