Home Technology Snapchat trying new sales tactic for its Spectacles through vending machine

Snapchat trying new sales tactic for its Spectacles through vending machine

The player who brings an out of the box idea on the table is the one who gets heights of success. The next to follow this tactic is the Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat. The company has adopted a new strategy to reach out customers for its spectacles glasses. Yes, the $130 Spectacles Glasses will be sold through pop-up vending machines called Snapbots that appear in ‘surprising’ locations for a single day only. In order to detect the vending machines, Snapchat has introduced an online map that will inform the users 24 hours in advance.

The first pop-up is scheduled for Thursday in Venice Beach, California, where the company’s headquarter is located. The Snapbot vending machines are equipped with motion sensors that will turn on the circular screen at the time of arrival of any individual. The screen is fitted in the machine to show small clips of around 10 seconds to the individual, which sync to the Snapchat app. Before you make the payment, you can even try three different colours which include coral, black, and teal virtually on the screen. After deciding, the payment can be done through the card and the spectacles will be pre-loaded with battery power and the user can start recording right away.


Initially, the company decided to sell these Spectacles in limited numbers. But according to different media sources, now the company is aiming to continue these vending machines for retail distribution for a couple of months. Considering the strategy adopted by the Snap Inc., it is a great way of selling the product through an interactive and engagement way.

This will not only improve the sales of the company but, will also improve the user engagement with the company, helping in brand promotion. It is also speculated that the company will improve the stock in 2017. After this, let’s see what next is in store for the customers after the vending machine idea.