Home News New Windows 11 feature will let iPhones link to PCs

New Windows 11 feature will let iPhones link to PCs

Microsoft has introduced a new feature for Windows 11 called Phone Link for iPhones, allowing iPhone users to connect their phones to their Windows PCs and access various features from their devices. The feature is currently available for preview only under the Windows Insiders program.

To use Phone Link for iPhones, users need to install a companion app on their iPhone, which connects to the PC via Bluetooth. Once paired, users can view their phone’s notifications on their PC’s Action Center and manage them from there. They can also reply to text messages using the Phone Link app on their PC, which syncs with the Messages app on their iPhones. However, group messages and media in messages are not yet supported by Phone Link for iPhones.

It is unclear when Phone Link for iPhones will be available for all Windows 11 users or what other features it will offer. Microsoft is working on adding more functionality to Phone Link over time. Phone Link for Android phones allows users to drag and drop photos from their phone to their PC using File Explorer or other apps.

Windows 11, which was launched in October 2021, features many new enhancements, including a redesigned Start menu, a new Microsoft Store, support for widgets, improved performance and security, and more. Phone Link, meanwhile, can be considered quite similar to the Apple Continuity system, allowing users to work across their devices without having to switch back and forth between them. However, Phone Link for iPhones does not support all of Continuity’s features yet.

Phone Link is aimed at making it easier for both Android and iPhone users to work across their devices and shows Microsoft’s efforts to make Windows 11 more compatible with different platforms and ecosystems. However, whether Phone Link for iPhones will be useful or popular among iPhone users remains to be seen. The Phone Link app can be accessed by Windows Insiders by updating it to version 1.23012.169.0 or higher.