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What to expect from NVIDIA at CES 2017?

Nvidia had a bumper 2016 during which its chips were used not only in gaming devices but also in data centers and other emerging segments such as deep learning systems and self-driving cars. The chipmaker also witnessed a massive 224 percent jump in its stock value, compared to the puny 5.2 percent rise that Intel stocks registered last year, enough for the company to have the honors of delivering the first keynote address at the CES.

So when Nvidia CEO and co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang takes to the stage on Wednesday, there sure will be a lot of expectations as to what more the chipmaker might have up its sleeve. The company also revealed Huang will have something new to share as well.

No details have been made available, though, which means there could be the next generation graphics processors or graphics board that might be coming our way. Or as some speculated, the company might also have something new to offer so far as its automotive ventures are concerned. Nvidia chips were being used for in-car infotainment systems though that has been far superseded both in scope and functionality by more powerful chips that are now being used in self-driving cars.

Nvidia chips are currently powering the Tesla self-driving systems, which include the second generation Autopilot that comprises of more enhanced hardware and software combo. However, while Tesla has since stated they would be investing in developing its own chips in future, Nvidia too has confirmed it would be venturing into developing self-driving cars as well. Also, with the race to launch the perfect self-driving car still on, the chipmaker might have something exciting to share on this front as well.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are the other hot segments that have been at the center of the tech scene in 2016. With both being extremely processor intensive, chances are that Nvidia might have some new plans to jump into the hot new segment with even more vigor.