Home Business Samsung introduces next generation QLED TV series in CES 2017

Samsung introduces next generation QLED TV series in CES 2017

If Samsung is to be believed, OLED TVs are passé and its QLED TVs powered by Quantum Dot technology that will redefine the future of TV viewing experience. The models Samsung unveiled at the CES 2017 event include Q9, Q8, and Q7 that form part of the QLED TV series and will replace the SUHD TV series the company had introduced earlier.

The South Korean company claimed to be successful in ironing out several issues that had prevented the technology from hitting the consumer sweet spot in the past. Samsung also stated that its Quantum Dot technology results in the most accurate and ‘true-to-life’ color representations on screen.

Explaining further, the company stated QLED tech allows for 100 percent color volume reproduction in DCI-P3 color space. This, in turn, ensures the most accurate depiction of colors even at the QLED TV’s peak luminance that ranges between 1,500 and 2,000 nits. Change of brightness has the least impact on the way each color is depicted. Or in other words, color quality will remain the same even if the TV is not viewed at peak brightness.

Samsung attributed the new vastly improved viewing experience with the QLED TVs to the use of new metal QD that are used for a metal coating process. This ensures the integrity of each crystal while they also hold on to their size as well.

Apart from the dramatic improvement in picture quality, the other cool aspect of the new QLED TV series includes its use of a single transparent cable that would serve to connect to a host of other devices.

This is aimed at simplifying the entire installation process as instead of a mesh of wires that is usually seen jutting out of a TV, there would just be a single cable to connect to.

A new Samsung smart remote also accompanies the QLED TVs, with the Smart Hub 2.0 acting as the interface to connect to smartphones.

In the end, what can be said is that Samsung has once again raised the bar when it comes to introducing pioneering TV technology. The onus will now be on rivals LG to respond to the new QLED challenge from Samsung.