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Apple AirPods vs BeatsX: Which one suits you

Apple might take pride in its AirPods that offer exceptional quality sound along with true portability though what can’t be ignored is the fact that the recently launched BeatsX earphone aren’t too far either. Read on to find out the Apple AirPods vs BeatsX comparison.

The single most distinguishing factor of the AirPods is their design marked by the lack of any wires. That requires it to have the power of its own, and the AirPods has enough of it to sustain 5-hours of playback. And if that does not seem to be much, it comes along with a case that again serves as a charging port as well.

So putting the AirPods back to the case for just 15 minutes will allow for another 3 hours of playback time.

That the AirPods are designed to playback only when it is plugged inside your ear is another battery saving feature, which again can be attributed to the dual optical sensors that it comes equipped with. The sensor can detect when the AirPods has been moved off your ears and stops playback accordingly.

Another interesting feature of the AirPods is its ability to detect when the user is speaking.

It does so with help of its built-in accelerometer which makes the AirPods to filter out surrounding noise while transmitting the user’s voice.

That is not all as the AirPods are also able to connect to Siri directly. To do so, all that you need to do is to double-tap either of the AirPods and Siri will be at your service.

The AirPods also addresses the one grouse often faced with many a Bluetooth headsets, one that allows for seamless pairing with the parent device. The credit for this goes to the W1 wireless chip technology that the AirPods comes integrated with and is able to detect any compatible iOS or Mac device in its vicinity just as you open the AirPods case.

All of it, however, comes at a price which at $159 can well be considered a bit on the expensive side.

Then again, the recently launched BeatsX wireless earbuds with its $150 price tag can’t be considered cheap either, even though it still is cheaper than the AirPods.

However, the BeatsX also scores with its exceptional sound quality and ease of use. Featuring the same W1 wireless chip, the BeatsX is also extremely easy to pair up with a compatible device. The one fundamental design element that makes the BeatsX stand apart from the AirPods is that the two ear-pieces are connected together via a wire but connects to the parent device using Bluetooth tech.

BeatsX, however, lacks several key aspects of the AirPods such as seamless connectivity with Siri which again makes the former nothing more than just an excellent earphones. The BeatsX earphones though scores on the battery front, offering 8 hours of playing time.

Also, being wired makes the BeatsX much less prone to be lost compared to the nice and small AirPods.