Home Business Samsung Group and LG Innotek reap profits from dual lens camera hype

Samsung Group and LG Innotek reap profits from dual lens camera hype

Smartphones with dual rear cams are the latest fad that the manufacturers have hit upon. And with demand for such handsets ever on the rise, it shouldn’t be surprising the trend has a positive rub-off effect on parts manufacturers such as Samsung Electro-mechanics and LG Innotek.

Things seem to be particularly rosy for LG Innotek that has seen its profits zoom to $103 million in Q4, 2016. That, in turn, can be attributed to the stupendous success that the Apple iPhone 7 Plus has met with, the dual rear cam for which has been supplied by the LG subsidiary. LG continues to be the sole supplier of dual camera tech for the Apple iPhone range.

LG is also set to launch its own flagship, the G6 during the upcoming MWC event. Needless to say, the G6 will also feature a dual rear cam much like its predecessor, the G5. LG Innotek can also be considered to be the pioneers here, having first introduced the concept of dual cameras back in 2011.

Samsung Electro-mechanics meanwhile has had a rather tough run and registered negative growth in the last quarter owing to the massive Note 7 fiasco. The company though is optimistic about getting back into the black with demand for dual lens rear cams ever being on the rise.

The Samsung owned mobile parts manufacturer also reported they are in talks with a number of Chinese smartphone manufacturers like Vivo, Oppo, and Huawei. The firm already has existing partnerships with a few other Chinese companies such as Xiaomi and LeEco.

Interestingly, with so much being the hype surrounding rear dual lens cams, Samsung isn’t expected to have any such thing on its upcoming flagship, the S8. There is also considerable debate if the dual rear lens can actually be better than one or it is just a tech gimmick that the marketing guys can make good use of.

What is known though is that integrating dual lens cams in a smartphone is a lot costlier than having a single lens setup. However, with most other manufacturers making it a point to have dual lens cams in their flagship offerings, it remains to be seen how long Samsung buckles the trend, or if it eventually falls in line.