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Please help Google to make an even better Pixel mobile

Google is already into developing a new Pixel mobile to succeed the first generation handset launched last year. It quickly emerged to be among the best handsets in the premium category across any platform.

Be it build quality, design or the ease of use, Pixel easily came to be counted among the best in class. True it suffered some negative publicity thanks to a few niggling issues though none of them had anything to do with the basic hardware design of the mobile. Instead, most of them were traced to be of software origin which Google managed to iron out in time.

That said, it is hardly surprising the Mountain view company is back to the drawing board in their bid to come out with an even better Pixel handset. And the company is reaching out to its fan base to seek ways in which the current Pixel can be improved upon.

A few broad areas have also emerged that seems to be the source of the biggest grouse that fans have with the current gen Pixel. For instance, Android loyalists would like to see the next Pixel to have front firing stereo speakers instead of the current system where the speakers, that too of mono quality, are placed along the bottom.

Now front firing speakers are always a joy to listen to, particularly when one isn’t hooked on to the headphone. However, that also runs the risk of making the front design a bit ungainly given the current trend right now to make the front to have a seamless layer of glass with even the home button and/or fingerprint sensor accommodated either beneath the display or at the rear of the handset.

What makes the above demand a bit tricky on the part of Google to implement is that all have replaced front facing speakers with a bottom firing ones. Perhaps the best that Google can attempt is to upgrade the speakers from mono to stereo. Or it might even consider having speakers upfront while placing the home button at the rear.

Another popular demand of the Pixel loyalists is to see the next iteration stand up to the elements with full gusto. That on other world would mean making the handset water and dust proof, not just resistant to them. Most other flagship handsets already boast of IP68 certification and Google would be doing a world of good to make its next Pixel be equally certified to ward of water and dust seepage.

Thin to even non-existent bezels are definitely in, and Google also has some work to do here to catch up with the trend. That also calls for a sturdy frame to hold the front glass in the relative absence of the thin metal placeholders for the front display.

Some also mentioned about availability issues as well as a wider color choice to ensure the Pixel is able to cater to a wider user base than it currently is able to tap into. Let’s hope Google holds on to the Pixel’s good qualities if not better them significantly while implementing the above demands.