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LG G6 press render leaks ahead of MWC 2017

In what is likely to be the last major leak pertaining to the LG G6 before its formal unveiling on Sunday, the first official render of the flagship handset has been leaked online. The leak, honors for which goes to serial tipster @evleaks, is also the most comprehensive so far, providing us with an all-round view of the G6 like never before.

That is not all as another leaked image courtesy of Weibo showcases the LG G6 pitched right alongside the G5, which again brings forth how brilliantly the G6 has been put together vis-a-vis its predecessor. What is perceptible right away is the manner LG has been able to fit in a larger 5.7-inch display even though the external dimensions are roughly the same as the G5. For comparison’s sake, the G5 comes with a 5.3-inch display. The side bezels are negligible too on the G6 while the top and bottom bezels are also remarkably thinner.

The rest of the details that the official press render of the G6 brings along also confirm almost all that we have known of the handset so far. That includes dual rear cam with the fingerprint sensor placed just beneath it. The front is devoid of the home button which has released more space to accommodate the slightly bigger display. The top bezel too is barely wide enough to house the front facing cam.

The rear also sports a glossy finish which points to it perhaps being made of glass. The antenna band has been placed along the edges while the volume buttons has been placed along the right.

On the specs front, the G6 is packed par for the course. That includes a Snapdragon 831 chip, a beefy 3,200mAh battery, and Android 7.0 Nougat pre-installed. LG’s choice of SD831 instead of the latest SD835 is believed to ensure an early launch beating rivals from Samsung as opting for the latter would have pushed back the launch to around April at the earliest.

Special mention must also be made of the 5.7-inch display that will have a rather weird 18:9 screen ratio. The panel otherwise sports a resolution of 2,880 x 1,440 pixels.

Another unique aspect of the G6 as has been revealed so far include a revamped camera UI. Buoyed by the 2:1 aspect ratio, the app will now provide a square capture of the camera view as well as the image preview on the same screen. This will save you from switching back and forth to the gallery to check out on your latest shots.

On the whole, the G6 seems to be the sort of device that you can splurge your money on. And a far cry from the rather conventional G5 that LG admitted hasn’t sold well enough.

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