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Samsung Galaxy S8 rumoured to have jet black color option, 6 GB RAM version

Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors are coming in thick and fast as we approach the March 29 launch date. That is hardly surprising considering that is the usual chore that precedes the launch of every big-name flagship handset. And this time, it has thrown up some interesting titbits about the upcoming handset.

Take for instance the jet-black color scheme that the S8 is touted to come with. There is also an image to accompany the rumor story though instead of a real handset, the image depicts a dummy device. The rumor sources also claimed the dummy handset has been made at Samsung factories using materials that go into the making of the real one.

The said image has only the rear of the handset to show, which clearly depicts the camera flanked on either side by the LED flash and the fingerprint sensor. The color is being described as ‘jet black,’ a phrase popularized by the iPhone 7 done up in the same color scheme that was among the most sought after.

Now analysts believe Samsung is keen to emulate the same levels of success by introducing the same color option of the S8 as well. Interestingly, Samsung had also introduced a S7 variant in a shade of black termed ‘Black Pearl’ that again was specifically targeted at the jet-black iPhone 7. Now it seems Samsung would like to continue with the same color option with S8 as well.

As for the rear end, apart from the single camera lens which sort of buckles the current trend of having a dual lens primary camera on flagship handsets, the placement of the fingerprint sensor has also raised a few eyebrows.

According to some reports, Samsung would have liked to see the sensor placed beneath the front display. However, with the technology not being mature enough, the S8 will have to make do with a rear placed fingerprint sensor even though having it there may not be the most convenient.

In another rumor, the S8 is also expected to come with a 6 GB RAM option. However, the said high-end version will be exclusive to only China while memory for other regions would max out at only 4 GB. Though not specifically mentioned by those that propagated the rumor, the said high-end S8 equipped with a 6 GB RAM might also make it to India as well considering that Samsung has only recently launched its C9 Pro with 6 gigs of memory in both India and China.