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Facebook now copies GoFundMe to raise its own ‘personal fundraiser’ feature

Facebook seems to be on a copying spree at the moment. After having replicated some of Snapchat’s features, the world’s largest social media site now seems to be getting inspired from GoFundMe, a popular site that allows individuals to raise money for their personal requirements.

The ‘personal fundraiser’ feature, as is being named at Facebook, is all set to go live within weeks from now. However, it is going to be exclusive to the United States only, with those above 18 to be able to exercise the option.

Those who are in need of funds will have to set up separate Facebook page carrying details of the reason the fund are needed for. There is also the donation goal that can be set to a specific limit before receiving money from friends and well-wishers.

Facebook, however, had specified its users will be able to raise money only under six categories – to meet educational expenses, medical costs, pets’ medical costs, expenses due to natural disasters, personal emergencies, and to meet expenses post the death of a loved one. Further, all fundraising activities will be subjected to some sort of scrutiny, which is also the reason categories have been kept limited at just half a dozen at the moment. Facebook though has stated those can expand but only in the future.


Needless to say, all or most of the above seems to be a direct rip-off of GoFundMe. Facebook though has the added advantage in that it already hosts the largest congregation of individuals in the world on its platform, what with its user base of over 2 billion. Of course, Facebook is making good of that to the hilt in that people not only can donate for a cause but can also share it within their circle to reach out to a wider audience. Further, since Facebook profiles too have been attached, users will also know whom they are donating to.

CEO Zuckerberg had earlier stated his dream would be to see Facebook emerge as a single platform to cover all of its user’s requirements. Maybe that’s an open enough hint of the company’s desire to emulate more such competitor’s feature in future.