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Consumer Reports pitches Galaxy S8+ three slots higher than the iPhone 7 Plus

The newest Consumer Reports’ smartphone ratings are out now, and the Samsung Galaxy S8+ has emerged on top of the smartphone heap. In fact, it is Samsung all the way for the top three slots, with the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S7 Edge occupying the second and third spots.

The ratings should be disappointing for Apple fans as the iPhone 7 Plus could only manage the fifth slot, ceding even the fourth spot to the LG G6. That said, the latest rating can’t exactly be considered a fair comparison given that Apple is yet to launch its year 2017 flagship.

However, while that is true, what also can’t be ignored is the fact that the iPhone 7 Plus is pitched two slots lower than the S7 Edge, a device that can well be considered one of its direct competitors. For the rest, the S8 duo or the G6, the real match would be with the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 7S range.

As for reasons the S8+ has been pitched right on top, Consumer Report mentioned it has to do with its new-age design cues that ensure zero bezels along the sides while it being just minimalist at the top and bottom. Samsung had earlier stated they are abandoning the separate Edge branding so that the curved display would henceforth be made standard fitment across its flagship range.

The new design theme also ensured larger displays can be fitted in while keeping the overall device dimensions almost the same. The S8 comes with a 5.8-inch display even though the handset is hardly bigger than any standard 5.5-inch device. The same also applies to its bigger sibling, the S8+ that comes with a 6.2-inch display.

However, the slimming down of the bottom bezel has led to the placement of the fingerprint sensor to the rear. And this also happens to be one of the biggest disadvantages with the S8 range, as the sensor placed adjacent to the rear camera often makes it difficult to differentiate one from the other.

While this again leads to unintentional smudging of the camera lens once in a while, the rear shooter otherwise has come for heaps of praise. Though it happens to be a single lens camera compared to the iPhone featuring a dual lens setup, the picture quality is just amazing.

Among the other aspects of the S8+ that has come for a lot of praise is its water and dust proofing as well as its excellent battery life. In fact, Consumer Reports stated one of the primary reasons the S8+ trumped the S8 is the former’s excellent battery life. Ironically, Samsung had been busy battling the infamous Note 7 battery blaze issue till even some months back.

Lastly, while the expansive display went for a lot of praise, there also no denying it isn’t easy reaching out to the far end of the screen every time. But then, this also is something that most would rather tend to overlook considering that it is the bigger S8+ that is in greater demand.

So far so good but we would be keenly awaiting a fresh comparison once the iPhone 8 along with the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus comes on to the scene. Till then, the S8+ can reign supreme.