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Samsung seems to be building some hype with an ‘accidental’ leak of the Note 8

It still is a few weeks left for the Galaxy Note 8 to be officially launched though the device might just have been leaked already. It is not known whether the feat is purely accidental or a carefully calibrated marketing ploy though coming as it does via Samsung’s official Twitter account for Exynos chips, this is something that surely can’t be taken for granted.

The tweet again was supposed to highlight Samsung’s own Exynos chipset with the accompanying handset as a further symbol of its processing power. However, it’s just that the handset isn’t a Galaxy S8 or the S8+ that we have become so familiar with by now.

The biggest giveaway is the even slimmer bezels along the top than what it is on either of the Galaxy S8 duo. The Edge display too stretches further lower along the sides than it is on either of the S8 phones. Both the design aspect makes the device look appealing, to say the least, besides further enhancing the scope of Samsung’s Infinite Display as well.

Meanwhile, the angle of device is depicted in the leaked shot leaves a lot to be answered. For one, the absence of a button along the side makes one wonder if this is the final production version at all. Or maybe Samsung might have placed all the physical button along the left. A bit unlikely that is but can’t be ruled out either.

Then there are also those who believe this is just the pre-production model but one that resembles closer to the final thing. Or the most radical theory is that this could be another handset that Samsung has in the making for launch sometime later.

Either way, what is also interesting is that just a part of the front has been revealed. The rear is still a mystery and there are many who are still hoping – against heavy odd though – that the fingerprint sensor might have been accommodated beneath the display after all.

Given that the tweet hasn’t been removed, it seems clear the revelation is a ploy to build up some hype before the product is launched on Aug 23. Before that, a few more such leaks revealing other aspects of the device can’t be ruled out entirely.