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Amazon messaging app Anytime to take on WhatsApp, Messenger

As if the likes of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Wechat and such aren’t enough, we could soon be tempted with another messaging app from Amazon. Named Anytime, the new app boasts of seamless messaging and video conferencing service that can be reached out from smartphones, tablets, PCs or even smart watches.

So no matter what device you might be holding on to, with Anytime, you will always be connected to your friends and associates at all times. Then there will also be the provision to send text and video messages though there will also be exciting filters as well that can spice up the otherwise often boring messages.

Further, coming as it does from Amazon, there, of course, will be built-in support for an ordering of stuff from the in-house retail channel in the most convenient manner. These apart, there will be the option to play games as well, either in a standalone mode or with friends and family.

Another inherent positive with Anytime is that you only need your friend’s name to get started as the system isn’t dependent on their phone numbers. Amazon is also promising privacy and security of your messages with the option to encrypt those portions that you’d prefer to keep private.

Then there also will be fun ways to interacts with friends and families. For instance, you can share your location to arrange for a meetup or even order foods together, while splitting the bill amongst you, all without having to leave the Anytime platform.

On the whole, Anytime is already proving to be a promising new addition to the fast crowding messaging landscape. Things though are still being worked out with Amazon letting only a select group of users to test the app. Their feedback on the app is sought to further fine-tune the application and it’s working.

There is no word either as to when things are slated to enter a more definitive stage with Anytime so that we can predict a more probable launch window. What is worth mentioning though is that Amazon is no stranger in the messaging application space, having launch earlier this year an app that aids video conferencing among business users.

Named Chime, the app is designed to go head-to-head with the likes of WebEx or Skype for Business though Anytime would bring it up against more mainstream apps such as Messenger, WhatsApp and so on. As such, it would be interesting to see how things shape up once Anytime hits streets.