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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leaks online ahead of the official launch on Aug. 23

It still is three weeks left for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to be officially launched though the handset already seems to have leaked online. And the credit for the same again goes to none other than Evan Blass, the mastermind of many such leaks in the past, most of which have proved to be spot on as well.

However, there are no surprises here as much of what we know of the upcoming Note iteration also applies to the leaked handset as well. That includes the famed ‘Infinity Display’ theme that got further extended in the Note 8.

What that means is the same S8 like curved display that makes bezels along the sides non-existent while the same along the top and bottom is reduced to just a thin strip. It’s just that the top and bottom bezels in the Note 8 are even thinner.

Sure Note 8 fans would have loved to see even those not have existed at all but that is the closest they can have to a full front display on any Android device at the moment. Andy Rubin’s Essential handset does slightly better given that the display there extends right up to the front edge, with just a minor cut-out to allow for the placement of front cam and other sensors.

That said, Essential has since been embroiled in controversy which has cast a cloud on even the future of the company.

Samsung seems to be building some hype with an ‘accidental’ leak of the Note 8

However, that is a different topic and coming back to Note 8, rumor has it that the display would also be stretched further to 6.3-inch, which makes it just a bit longer than the 6.2-inch S8+. The aspect ratio again is likely to be the same 2:1 as in the S8 family.

Unfortunately, the leaked image that depicts the phone in the Midnight Black shade reveals little else, like the rear or the sides of the handset. The side placement of the buttons are evident though, and it is a familiar set-up with the single button on the right that is likely to be that of the Bixby assistant while the power and volume rocker button are placed along the left. As rumored, the phone has dual camera and the fingerprint scanner at the back.

Samsung is slated to launch the phone on Aug 23 at an event in New York. Given that there still are a few weeks left to that, we sure can expect a few more leaks coming our way in between.