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Most anticipated features of iPhone X

It is just days left for the new iPhone X to break cover. However, there probably isn’t any aspect of the phone that we aren’t already aware of. That again isn’t surprising considering that the iPhone X is going to be celebrating a decade of the device in existence. Apple too is going over board to ensure the phone turns out to be as special as it can be.

Mentioned here are a few features that would make the iPhone X stand out from the rest of its ilk.

Design: One of the most perceptible changes to be seen with the new iPhone X is its design. It is going to be all glass on the front with almost zero bezels all round; so much that even the iconic home button will be nowhere to be seen. So to all the Apple loyalists, brace yourself for the first iPhone that would come sans the home button. We have the likes of the Galaxy S8, Note 8 or the Essential PH One but none as alluring as the iPhone X.

OLED: The iPhone X will be sporting an OLED panel and for the first time. While competition has transited to the OLED display, Apple somehow remained loyal to LCDs. Not anymore and the benefits should be evident right away, which includes more vibrant colors and better energy efficiency.

3D Camera: Apple has been the first to introduce fingerprint scanners on smartphones, and is all set to repeat the feat, this time using a 3D camera at the front. So instead of placing your finger at a pre-designated spot for authentication, just holding the iPhone X in front of you should be enough to let you sign in. The feature again is reported to be extremely fast and will scan the entire face for user authentication.

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Wireless charging: This is going to be another unique aspect of the iPhone X even though competing phones had long been offering the same. This also is the reason the upcoming anniversary iPhone will be sporting a glass back instead of the usual metallic fare, to allow for charging wirelessly. In fact, it is going to be an all-glass theme with the iPhone X with a metal strip along the sides holding the front and rear slabs.

Vertical dual rear cameras: While dual camera first made its debut on the iPhone 7 Plus, this time, the entire setup at the rear will be aligned vertically. While details of the camera lenses are still awaited, expect to see many software features to be introduced.