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Snapchat introduces Context Cards to show more info to the user

Snapchat has a brand new feature addition, one that could well change the way we use the app in the first place. Named Context Cards, the new feature is aimed at providing the user with a snap shot of all the information relevant to a particular Snap in one place.

Any Snap that comes with the ‘More’ option can be swiped up to reveal the Context Cards. The Cards, in turn, will carry information such as user reviews, driving directions, and location info along with ride-sharing service details as well.

In the context of a restaurant, users can expect to see info on the Context Cards as reviews, contact numbers, hours of operations, means to make a reservation and so on. Apart from serving as a nice method to educate the user with all the details that they might need pertaining to a particular place or establishment, the same has great marketing potential as well as businesses can use the same to better reach out to its prospective user base.

That said, not every Snap will be carrying a hidden Context Card. Instead, it is only those Snaps that are part of the ‘Our Story’ feed, or those that have been tagged with venue-specific Geofilters will be carrying the Context cards. The info would be applicable to Snapchat’s partner companies, which includes the likes of Uber, Lyft, OpenTable, TripAdvisor, Michelin, Goop, and Foursquare, to name a few.

The Context Cards also has the information neatly arranged in different cards with each card showing related information. So while the first card provides for the basic stuff like the name of the company, a category it operates in or the ratings, there will be other cards showing the detailed reviews, directions, opening and closing hours, reservations, means to book a ride to it and such.