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Razer Phone – The world’s first phone for games is here

The Razer phone is finally here, creating a segment in the process where none existed, that of a gaming phone. And from the way things have shaped up, it looks the new Razer Phone is here for the long run.

To begin with, the Razer Phone seems the least concerned about looks and aesthetics. It isn’t about svelte lines and minimalistic design. Instead, the phone conforms to an old-school design what with its sizeable bezels and a solid depth.

The Razor Phone though excels where it is expected the most, that of supporting even the most demanding of games. And to make that possible, the internals are of the highest order. That includes a Snapdragon 835 chips working in tandem with an 8 GB RAM though the on-board storage is a rather paltry 64 GB. Fortunately, the latter is expandable via microSD cards.

The Razer Phone also comes with an 8-megapixel front shooter while a dual 12-megapixel rear setup should allow for pretty nice shots. The rear cam comprises of a f/1.8 lens to allow for wide angle shots while a f/2.6 lens is for zooming purposes.

Then there is also the 4,000mAh battery that should be enough to allow decent levels of gaming adventures.

Another area where the Razer Phone is head and shoulders above other even flagship smartphones is the brilliant display. And it is least surprising, the 5.7-inch 1440p display too has been optimised for game playing. That includes a 120Hz display refresh rate that again is dynamic, adaptable.

The display also boasts of what Razer calls as the Ultramotion technology that essentially syncs the screen refresh rate with the frame rate that the graphics processor outputs. Razor said this ensures there is no ‘screen tearing’ and is also another technology that has been adopted from high-end gaming laptops.

In fact, the Razor Phone also comes with a substantial cooling mechanism similar to what is found on gaming laptops. This again will ensure better heat dissipation so that there is no performance throttling even after prolonged usage.

As for its software, the Razor Phone runs a near stock version of Android Nougat, which is further upgradeable to Android Oreo.

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Price is a rather nominal $700 which is quite in the range of other flagship smartphone even though the Razer Phone sports several advanced technologies that the others lack. The device starts shipping November 17 while pre-order starts on November 3.

Overall, the Razer Phone is the first true-blue handset built for the gamers in mind. That said, there is no way it can’t be put to other regular use and has all the bells and whistles as a regular flagship.