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Future Apple Watch models might have built in EKG monitoring feature

Future versions of the Apple Watch could well have heart rate or EKG/ECG monitoring feature integrated into it to allow for a more continuous form of heart monitoring for the users.

The said feature though is still being tested, and its inclusion in the Apple Watch depends on it being reliable enough.

While that makes an EKG/ECG monitoring enabled Apple Watch quite uncertain, the same very well matches with the current tendency within Apple to position its smartwatch offering as not just a fitness monitoring tool but one that can have serious functionalities as well.

And the ability to monitor heart beat seems best to fit that order.

As for the latest development on this, early reports point to the Apple Watch coming with a new squeezable side design that users will be required to press against using fingers from the arm not wearing the watch.

This no doubt brings to mind the squeezable side design that the latest HTC flagship, the U11 first introduced though for an entirely different functionality.

Coming back to the Apple Watch, the sides will have built-in sensors that will be able to pick up the electric pulse generated by the heartbeats. These electric signals will after that be processed to pick up irregularities in the heart beat and suggest medical intervention if the situation so warrants.

The said feature will also be especially helpful for those who already have issues with their heart and need frequent monitoring. And EKG or ECG enabled Apple Watch could be the best thing they can hope for to allow for early detection of any irregularities, something that can even prove to be life-saving for them.

The latest Apple Watch 3 too comes with heart rate monitoring feature though that requires the fitment of an external EKG Kardia band from third-party developer AliveCor, a feature that has also won the approval of the FDA. However, if the same gets integrated within the Apple Watch itself, any external aids would be rendered redundant.


Apple has also been quite ambitious in transforming its smart watch from a mere luxury aid that does some basic fitness monitoring to one that the users can actually rely on and prove to be lifesaving as well. It has been particularly keen on the heart health and has even launched the Apple heart Study app in collaboration with the Stanford School of Medicine.