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Instagram update introduces new ‘Recommended for You’ section

Instagram has introduced some changes to the way it displays its feed so that it will now also include posts that have been liked by those that the user follows.

‘Recommended for You,’ as the new section has been named will run separately from the home feed thereby making it easier for the user to keep track of both. Instagram said there is going to be five posts suggested containing links to stuff liked by accounts that the user follows.

The change isn’t anything new though given that this already was being tested for some time. However, Instagram chose to make this official without much of a noise. The new feature is part of the new update that Instagram said is already been made available for both Android and iOS devices.

The above change, however, isn’t anything revolutionary given that recommended posts were available earlier as well, though those used to clubbed separately under the explore tab. Its positioning within the home feed itself will only provide it with greater visibility.

However, not all are happy with the new change, and many have taken to Twitter to vent their ire on this. Such users can take some solace from the ‘Hide’ feature that will remove the recommended list from the home feed, but only temporarily.

There is no way those can be disabled permanently. Just for information, the ‘Hide’ button can be availed of by taping on the three dots placed at the top of the post.

It also has been just a while that Instagram had introduced another change that too was focussed on increasing the reach of the user to a wider selection of posts.

Named hashtags, Instagram said it is similar to following a friend and can be invoked once the user taps on a hashtag on another post. A user can also search for any topic on Instagram and launch the particular hashtag page.

If those seem to be of interest, users can click on the follow button to keep track of the particular hashtag.

However, unlike the new recommended section, the hashtag is purely optional with users having the option to disable it completely if users so want.