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Apple offers $50 credit for buying replacement batteries in older iPhones

Apple is clearly into damage control mode after having admitted to deliberately slowing down older iPhone models. The Cupertino company also apologized to its customers claiming that its real intentions behind the perceived slowing down of older iPhones have been to offer a better user experience with the phones, besides enhancing the lifespan of the batteries as well.

The company further stated they would be offering $50 worth of credit as well which users can use towards buying replacement batteries even if they are not covered within warranty. This effectively brings down the cost of new batteries to $29, down from the original price of $79.

In a candid admission made earlier, Apple said it has made enough changes to the iOS to reduce demand on the battery during peak processing demands. This, it claims has been done to increase battery life rather than to reduce the performance of the iPhones.

Apple also stated its natural for lithium-ion batteries to perform sub-par when cold or when having a low charge.

Another reason Apple stated has prompted them to issues the update was to prevent sudden shutdowns which happen when the battery is unable to cope with a sudden surge in processor demands.

As such the update seeks to smoothen out the peaks to let users have an uninterrupted experience with their iPhone even if that comes at the cost of performance to some extent. Apple also promised another update in 2018 which will let users have a better idea of the battery health and how it is performing under varying conditions.

This, however, hasn’t gone down well with users of older iPhone models such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE and iPhone 7 who believe this could well have been a deliberate ploy on the part of Apple to push users of these handsets to upgrade to newer iPhone models. Apple had just this fall launched the new iPhone 8 which follows a more conventional form factor along with the more radical iPhone X with an all-front display.

Apple also said doing anything that goes against the interest of its loyal users would be the last thing they would ever get into. The company, however, is facing eight lawsuits on this where Apple is accused of deliberately slowing down the older iPhone models.