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Steve Jobs, the Italian clothing firm wins case against Apple

For those who thought Steve Jobs only refers to the flamboyant Apple CEO who also created the iPhone along with so much more are in for a pleasant surprise, there is also a clothing line going by the same name. And the court does not seem to find fault with it, much to the chagrin of Apple that had sued the firm.

It also isn’t just the name but the Steve Jobs logo too that has quite some similarity with that of Apple. However, unlike Apple which uses the fruit by the same name to depict its company, Steve Jobs does the same with the letter ‘J’. But then, there is a chunk bitten off of it just as with the Apple logo. That is not all as there also is the leaf at the top of ‘J’ just as it in with the Apple logo.

Also, while it is only natural Apple would be suing the company founders, Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato, and which it did with full gusto, the court ruled in favor of the Barbato brothers claiming that unlike an apple, the letter ‘J’ isn’t edible. As such, the bite off that can’t be considered to be in the same line as the iconic bite missing from the Apple logo.

As things would stand right now, the Barbato brother’s trademark prevails over that of Apple. That the iPhone maker didn’t trademark Steve Jobs name as well didn’t add to its cause either. The recent judgment also brings the curtain down on the case that has been running since 2012 when Apple had first sued the firm.

Both Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato meanwhile have said they look forward to expanding their business beyond just jeans. Among the other products, they hope to include to their portfolio include T-Shirts, bags and other fashion accessories all sporting the Steve Jobs brands.

The duo also said their ultimate aim will be to venture into the electronics business as well. Though they refused to reveal what sort of electronic items we can expect from them in the near future, a smartphone bearing the Steve Jobs logo will no doubt be mighty interesting, it must be said.

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Apple meanwhile, is yet to comment on the development but sure will try its best to stop the Barbato brothers before they start selling smartphones as well under the Steve Jobs brand.