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LG shows off huge 88-inch OLED 8K TV in run up to the CES 2018

The annual CES event is just around the corner, and we are already getting to see what tech treats companies have lined up for the mega trade event. Take for instance LG which has just taken the wraps off of a huge OLED TV with an eye-popping 8K resolution.

That is huge by any means for a TV, and the same also applies to the pixel count that livens up the display, which easily sums up to more than 33 million. The image of the TV released by LG is also equally stunning, to say the least, though the only problem here – if it can be so said – is that there isn’t any 8K content to view on the TV just yet.

Price will no doubt be another issue though LG is yet to reveal the same. For pointers on this, LG already offers a 77-inch TV with 4K OLED display for more than $20,000. With twice the resolution along with 9-inches of display more in the offing, that the price of the new 8K OLED TV will be significantly on the north of the above price ball park is quite natural.

This, if not the size alone, makes one wonder if the new TV is just to showcase the technological might of the company or if it is really meant for a commercial launch anytime soon. Then, of course, there is also the issue of the lack of 8K content that one will still have to deal with, something that isn’t likely to ease anytime soon given that the content makers have only just started to stable out in the 4K space.

As for its competition, well there is none at the moment. Sure buyers do have the option to pick up huge TVs, though that max out at 4K right now. For instance, there is the one from Samsung that too is of 88-inch dimension and also boasts of QLED tech which can be considered to be Samsung’s own take on the OLED technology. The TV also sports a price tag of $20,000 but is of 4K resolution only.

Also, 4K TVs have only just begun to enter the mainstream TV market that has so far been, and still is to some extent, dominated by Full HD TVs. Content streaming service providers like Amazon and Netflix too have started to make 4K content more commonplace in its boutique of services.

As such, if price alone isn’t the factor, the lack of quality content shot in native 8K resolution should be another reason not to opt for the TV just yet. Or for those who just can’t wait, the best they can have right now is content upscaled from 4K resolution.